Optimizing the circular economy: Coca-Cola and BanQu

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In South Africa, Coca-Cola Africa is dedicated to driving a circular economy, helping the brand make 100% of its packaging recyclable by 2025. BanQu champions the circular economy with non-crypto blockchain technology, ensuring transparent and equitable supply chains. As proponents of circularity, both organizations have partnered to financially empower recycling collectors — and simultaneously optimize the recyclables value chain.


Unable to find work or formal employment, more than 60,000 recycling collectors in South Africa earn a living by collecting packaging waste. Much of what they collect is sold through small buyback centers before ultimately reaching large recyclers. Responsible for recycling 90% of the plastic and packaging in South Africa, recycling collectors / waste pickers are often stigmatized on the streets and remain mostly invisible and unbanked in the financial ecosystem. Additionally, Coca-Cola’s supply chain was increasingly wrought with friction and lack of transparency for both buyers and sellers.


Coca-Cola Africa selected BanQu as a partner given the positive impact its technology already had achieved with small-scale farmers across Africa — as well as recycling collectors / waste pickers in Zambia and Colombia. BanQu’s online automated supply chain tracking and payment connectors use blockchain technology to track and trace recycled material across the value chain.

By creating a permanent record of transactions,

  1. recycling collectors / waste pickers can demonstrate their earnings, which boosts their visibility and bankability
  2. buy back centers get an automated recording/tracking of cashless transactions that both reduce risk and gives them a better understanding of their business
  3. Coca-Cola Africa can track and trace recycled material across the value chain

“Waste reclaimers who collect waste packaging perform one of the toughest, yet most important jobs in the circular economy. BanQu’s blockchain-based solution provides a platform to financially empower waste reclaimers and small buyback centres across South Africa.” —David Drew, Sustainability Director, Coca-Cola Africa



700+ recycling collectors / waste pickters have been registered.


7,000 transactions have been recorded.

1,000,000+ kg

Over 1,000,000 kg of packaging has been recycled.

BanQu creates blockchain solutions for some of the modern world's biggest challenges, such as supply chain transparency and identity platforms for impoverished populations. We believe that with blockchain's bright future, world poverty can become a thing of the past.

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