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Shine a light on your entire supply chain and you'll love what you uncover.

Greater Goods

Shine a light on your entire supply chain and you'll love what you uncover.

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Trimmed losses, emerging markets, organically grown profits and economic equality for originators.

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From origin to end game — see it all clearly

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Beloved brands buy well

Beloved brands buy well

A socially responsible brand makes people want to buy. A clever company raises profits, lowers costs and mitigates risk at the same time.

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Supply chain reaction

BanQu watches products and services move between suppliers, consumers and recyclers in real time. Everyone knows where the product has been, so they feel comfortable about where it's going.

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The inside story


Every inefficiency is mined out, every potential loss is averted, and profits soar with records management that takes forecasting to a new level.

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Links in the chain

Distributors, processors, buyers and recyclers all have a place on the platform. And BanQu can do more than that — connecting people, systems, data, knowledge and resources.

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Completely compliant

Controversy can't touch you with BanQu. You'll follow government regulations to the letter, avoid costly lawsuits, and prevent labor abuse — all for your customers to see.

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Speedy and secure

Wow, we implement this SaaS fast. BanQu is built on blockchain — to power companies, not cryptocurrency. It's smarter, safer and more secure since you alone own your data.

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Sighting the source

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When we travel back to the origin of any product, we find people. Hard-working people who make innovative brands possible. People who, until BanQu, weren't visible in their economy.

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And just like that, we turn cyclical poverty into a circular economy.

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