Supply chain management

Track and trace products from source to shelf with full transparency. BanQu’s innovative technology allows global brands to generate a digital paper trail along every step of each product’s journey – to reduce risk, improve forecasting, manage assets and increase consumer confidence.

Launched in 15 countries for global FMCGs with over 300,000 first-mile to last-mile connections.

Profit with a purpose

With BanQu helping connect your last-mile and first-mile, individuals along every step of your supply chain will succeed right along with you. Share your real-time supply chain, recycling and labor cost data with customers to earn their loyalty, prove your social responsibility, and gain market share and profits like never before.

The benefits of BanQu

Create a circular economy, increase channel sales up to 15% and lower sourcing and distribution costs. Plus, meet compliance requirements for labor, wage and environmental transparency. All with the same secure and compliant SaaS application.

Cost savings

Detect inefficiencies in your supply chain in real time, so you’re not caught off guard by supply chain shortages and you can execute more efficiently.

Risk mitigation

Adhere to government regulations, avoid costly lawsuits and prevent labor abuse because you know where your products are and who handles them.

Better forecasting

Replace the built-in loss of your forecasting system with knowledge – where products are sourced, when they change hands, how fast they move and what the quality will be.

Speedy implementation

Non-cryptocurrency blockchain technology allows you to implement BanQu within two weeks – no waiting for costly, time-consuming customizations or integrations.

New markets

Create a circular economy where your products are tracked and traced more places, opening your brand up to developing and emerging markets.

Records management

Keep clear communication lines open with all parties of your supply chain and avoid controversies by never losing visibility of your product.

Tax benefit

Receive a major excise duty tax benefit in many emerging economies by proving your brand’s local sourcing with BanQu.

Climate impact

Track and trace plastic, paper, aluminum and other recyclables from waste picking all the way to returns, reducing costs and helping to save the planet.

The Platform

Built on blockchain

But the volatility of cryptocurrency won’t affect your supply chain.

Inherently secure

Cryptography-based transactions are safer than traditional systems.


Permissioned and private – with no single administrator in control.


Provides a built-in geo-location tag on all transactions.

Direct sharing

Mass collaboration on transactions between two or more parties.

Universally responsive

Works on any device or form factor, old or new.

Fully configurable

For any use case – you decide how you want to connect and transact.

100% translatable

Supports any language with instant translation for global alignment.

QR code-enabled

Generates a consumer facing QR code to support full transparency.


case study of BanQu's efforts to revolutionize Supply Chain Transparency in Zambia.
BanQu Case Study

BanQu Launches Trailblazing Partnership with Anheuser-Busch InBev to Revolutionize Supply Chain Transparency in Zambia. The partnership is focused on creating transparency and traceability in the cassava crop value chain by providing economic empowerment to 2,000 of the region’s small-scale farmers.

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