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With BanQu, you’ll know who harvests your crops, who collects your waste for recycling, and who mines your gems and minerals. And you’ll see every step along the chain of custody after.

BanQu’s fully digitized and secure non-crypto blockchain platform provides this complete visibility across your supply chain, replacing your paper-based, error-prone process at lower tiers with a digital and equitable one.

Every transaction, entity, asset, and transformation at every tier is captured so you can uncover inefficiencies, control your inventory, and prove provenance to your consumers.


Track every shipment, payment and contribution -- from origin to end user.


BanQu lets you see every transaction in real-time, with accuracy and precision.


Every entity in your supply chain gets credit for their contributions.

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BanQu can add traceability, transparency and equity to any supply chain, in any industry. See what we can do for you.

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Benefits to Brands

For Profit


Capex Cost Savings
Recycle Reuse


Category Revenue
Increase & Excise
Duty Benefit


Sourcing Efficiency & Productivity Increase


Cost Reduction

For Purpose - UN SDGs/ESG Goals

Climate Action
EPR & Scope 3 Compliant
CO2 Credits Water

Poverty Alleviation
Local Sourcing
Banking the Unbanked
Gender Equity
Access to WASH

Human Rights
Fair Wages
End Child Labor
End Forced Labor
DEI Metrics

51 Countries, 15 languages, more than 2.5 million first-mile/last-mile individuals connected

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