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Anheuser-Busch InBev on YouTube | April 04, 2019

With BanQu, Nile Breweries Is Creating a More Sustainable Beer Industry in Uganda

Two farmers helping each other

Nile Breweries is using BanQu’s technology to ensure the sustainability of the Ugandan farms that produce their barley. This also leads to faster, more efficient payments for the farmers.

Nile Breweries is the leading manufacturer of beer in Uganda. One of the key focal points of their long-term business strategy is ensuring the sustainability of their barley suppliers. Using BanQu’s cutting-edge technology, Nile Breweries can make sure their barley is sourced from sustainable farms, while building a digital ledger that enables farmers to be paid promptly and reliably for their crops.

According to Ashish Gadnis, CEO and co-founder of BanQu:

One of the big goals of Nile Breweries is that they want to know who the farmer is. The farmers are connected, the farmers are skilled, and they’re financially empowered. So we’ve created this system called BanQu…

Watch the full video below:

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