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Borgen Magazine | January 24, 2020

Software Company BanQu: Making the Unbankable Bankable

A woman seated smiling next to a barrel of fruit.

Access to financial services like bank accounts and credit through platforms like BanQu is one of the most important factors in eradicating extreme poverty.

BanQu’s revolutionary software is changing the way of life for thousands of farmers and workers in poverty by giving them unprecedented access to financial services like bank accounts and credit.

“BanQu’s services help poor workers and farmers in more than 40 nations prove their existence and involvement in the supply chain. Perhaps most importantly, the service has helped to economically empower women.”

By designing a product with all sides of the supply chain in mind – the brand, the source, and the customer – BanQu brings a one-of-a-kind technology to the supply chain management industry. And for the people who are sourcing raw goods and materials, they offer practical solutions that apply to their real lives.

“Through being able to prove their existence in the supply chain, the workers, miners and farmers are able to reap a variety of benefits. ‘They’re getting mobile banking, they get better seed input and most importantly, they have created this economic resilience that is not tied in pity,’ says Gadnis.”

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