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Fair Planet | April 22, 2019

BanQu Is Contributing to a Brighter Future for Refugee Populations

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Having access to identification documents is vital for refugees as they try to resettle in a new homeland. BanQu’s innovative technology gives refugees tools for managing identity data and connecting to the global economy

The road to resettlement can be an unstable one for many refugees. But what if technology existed that connected refugees with the global economy and provided them with safeguards to protect important identity records? Thanks to BanQu, this technology has been created.

Bob Koigi of Fair Planet writes:

BanQu… is embracing blockchain technology to allow refugees and displaced people store vital details about themselves in a verifiable and unchangeable network that gives the owners of the information full control… The innovation, while providing emancipatory tools to vulnerable populations, also hopes to bring over 2.5 billion unbanked global population into the global economy by helping them build a digital profile that allows them to build businesses, access loans and in the process tackle global poverty.

Read the full article to learn more about how BanQu’s technology is helping refugees around the globe.

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