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Langmead and Baker Communications | August 4, 2020

BanQu and Zambian Breweries Empower Local Farmers

The cassava buying launch in Luapula Province, Zambia

BanQu’s partnership with Zambian Breweries results in a sure and stable market for cassava farmers in 2020.

Zambian Breweries was lauded by the Zambian government for equipping cassava farmers with the BanQu app and empowering them with new digital and financial skills, an automated payment system, and a reliable buyer.

Provincial Minister Hon. Nickson Chilangwa said of the new approach:

“Gone are the days of cassava wastage in our province due to lack of buyers. Gone are the days when our farmers would travel several miles in search for buyers, because Zambian Breweries is on board as that reliable buyer and agro-partner.”

The latest milestone in for cassava farmers was the launch of the 2020 harvesting and buying season. The partnership with Zambian Breweries and the stability of the BanQu app gives small-scale farmers a sure market for their produce, doing away with economic uncertainty for thousands of families in the Luapula Province.

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