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ITWeb | August 1, 2019

BanQu and AB InBev Team Up to Empower Farmers in Africa

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Using BanQu’s blockchain-based technology, beverage company AB InBev can reliably source ingredients from smallholder farms in Africa, while farmers gain a valuable platform that lets them get paid in cash for traceable transactions.

Brewing and beverage company AB InBev is benefitting from BanQu’s blockchain-based technology, which creates a reliable digital ledger that tracks suppliers. Smallholder farms in Africa are benefitting as well, as their sales can now be documented digitally, ensuring they are ultimately paid in cash they can use.

According to ITWeb:

US-based BanQu has developed what it calls the first blockchain economic identity technology solution, which enables a secure and immutable platform for creating economic opportunities for people around the world who are refugees, and those living at the tail end of supply chains, who are economically disconnected.

Read the full article to learn more about how BanQu and AB InBev are building a brighter tomorrow for farmers in Africa.

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