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SupplyChainDive | June 10, 2019

AB InBev’s Partnership with BanQu Is Streamlining Supply Chains

Two hands clinking glasses of beer together.

Beverage manufacturer AB InBev has partnered with BanQu to bring transparency to its supply chains.

When working with a crop like cassava, it’s not always easy to track it all the way back to the farm on which it was grown. Supply chains are often complex, with multiple stops between the farm and the consumer, and information about the origins of the crop are sometimes lost in the shuffle. A partnership between BanQu and beverage manufacturer AB InBev is solving this problem.

According to a SupplyChainDrive article:

The BanQu application uses built-in geo-location tags along with profiles for the farmers to track each transaction. This allows the crop, in this case, cassava, to be tracked through the supply chain beginning with its origin. BanQu has partnered with banking and mobile money providers like MTN and Airtel to help facilitate this.

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