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A fresh take on track and trace

Closely follow raw materials and finished goods from source to shelf to salvage. No other solution does this well — in fact, no other platform can do what BanQu does at all.

Chain of Events

  • An asset on BanQu can be anything — an eVisit, a medical ID card, a recycled bottle or a bag of cocoa
  • With BanQu, you'll be up and running in 2-4 weeks with all transactions permanently logged and documented
  • After assigning qualified Associates to your Organization, a digital receipt for all their transactions will be delivered via SMS
  • Collecting this information is what gives your supply chain transparency, as well as creating a user's economic passport
  • BanQu puts a spotlight on process and losses so you can find new ways to save and identify issues in real time
  • And you'll know every face and place your goods pass by, so you can elevate your brand by sharing incredible product stories with your customers


See all sides of your supply chain. For both sourcing and distribution, the fact is — you want to know what your assets are up to. The solution is BanQu.

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BanQu's mobile platform


Audit every link in your supply chain, manage your cash flow margin, increase production speed, and address anomalies and loss prevention in real time.

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Your impact on originators, the climate and environment, and consumers is up to you.



Take advantage of BanQu and get solid proof of your social responsibility. You can positively impact both the environment and your profits. We'll show you how.

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Wherever you source, wherever you distribute — the BanQu team is here to customize our platform for your supply chain, and train your people to use it well.

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Responsible sourcing starts here

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