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Our co-founder, Ashish Gadnis, was troubled by the missed connections he saw in every supply chain, causing gross inequities for overlooked and unbanked contributors, and creating avoidable risks and unperceived cost inefficiencies for brands.

Gadnis and the team created BanQu (literally, Bank-You) to provide companies with a window into their supply chains, and the tools to do something about it. We’re now in 51 countries in 15 languages, with more than 2.5 million first-mile/last-mile individuals connected.

Ashish Gadnis

Ashish Gadnis

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Hamse Warfa

Founder & EVP of Business Development

Jeff Keiser

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Stanislav Natalenko

Chief Technology Officer & VP Engineering

Seraina Macia

Board Chairwoman

Samantha Hanson

Board Member

John Belizaire

Board Member

Katelyn Thacker

Chief of Staff

Chris Schaaf

VP of Platform Management

Mark Geoghegan

VP of Professional Services

Jordan Wilson

Director of Digital Marketing

And just like that, we turn cyclical poverty into a circular economy.

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