What BanQu Does

Think of BanQu as a new, objective set of fresh eyes on your supply chain – one that not only keeps an immutable record of every transaction, but also provides important information to optimize and create efficiencies.

With BanQu’s proprietary blockchain
platform, you can:

Go Deep

Get deep visibility into your supply chain, including new ways to save money and identify issues in real time.

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Track raw materials and finished items from source to shelf to salvage.

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Digital Receipts

Get digital receipts for any transaction and deliver them by SMS to those without smartphones.

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In the Know

Know every face and place your goods pass by, so you can elevate your brand by sharing incredible product stories with your customers.

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BanQu integrates with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and most other legacy systems. And though we are not a bank, we can integrate with brand partner financial institutions or mobile money operators to facilitate payments.

How to get started

Contact us today and you can be up and running in as soon as two weeks. BanQu is a SaaS platform and clients pay an annual subscription fee, which is determined by the number of tiers and actors in their supply chain.

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Our friendly team will book an hour with you to walk through an example of the platform, targeting your specific use case.

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