What We Do

BanQu offers brands unprecedented supply chain traceability and transparency - all the way down to the first contributor - with a patented blockchain solution.

BanQu's platform enables you to:

Dive Deep

Reduce costs and quickly solve issues with unprecedented, real-time visibility into your supply chain.

Prove Provenance

Achieve ESG requirements and build a trustworthy brand name by tracking raw materials and finished items from source to shelf to salvage.

Go Digital

Replace paper-based, error prone processes with a digital and equitable one from lowest to top tiers.

Stay Informed

Ensure ethical sourcing and real impact by knowing every face and place your goods pass throughout your entire value chain.

Ready to Learn More?

Contact us today and you can be up and running in as soon as two weeks. BanQu is a SaaS platform and clients pay an annual subscription fee, which is determined by the number of tiers and actors in their supply chain.

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Request a Demo

Our friendly team will book an hour with you to walk through an example of the platform, targeting your specific use case.

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