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Our Platform Solution Technology

BanQu has developed the first ever blockchain economic identity technology solution that enables a secure and immutable platform for creating economic opportunities for people around the world who are refugees and/or living in extreme poverty. The BanQu platform uses a proprietary (patent pending) method to create a mashup of selfie plus other key human characteristics for people with no access to technology or banking.

Our technology provides a platform where refugees, the displaced, and the world's poorest can maintain a free, secure online profile that provides them with a universal fiscal ID and allows them to begin tracking their relationships and transactions. Over time, they build a recognizable, vetted identity, which is the base prerequisite to participating in any form of ownership or transactions in the global economy. While maintaining ownership of their personal information, a BanQu user decides what information to share and with whom. Providing people with control of their own economic identity creates Dignity Through Identity™.

What is Blockchain?

In simple terms, it is a new type of data application or ledger, storing immutable data, which can be directly shared, without requiring a central administrator. This contrasts with traditional databases, which have one single administrator that owns and controls the data. The new "protocol" or design of the blockchain enables transactions directly between two or more parties, authenticated by mass collaboration and powered by economic incentives and self-interests. It is enabling the democratization of data, money, and eventually power. Also, blockchain transactions are based on cryptography which makes them inherently more secure than any traditional database or system today.

The BanQu App Core Features

Universal Design

Works universally on any device from the oldest to the newest cell phones.

High Quality

It's about your identity, so BanQu invests the highest degree of quality in its work to ensure a smooth outcome for our customers.

Ultra Responsive

Works flawlessly on today's newest technologies as well as older. Responsive design means any form factor, any device.

Free to Signup & Use

24x7 free access to the BanQu App for all consumers for all imaginable use cases from remote purchasing to cash disbursements. *Some fees apply depending on the bank partner used.

100% Translatable

Supports any language. BanQu supports many languages and many cultures. Instant translation allows for global alignment between anyone engaging in commerce.

Economic Identity

Creates your global economic identity allowing you to transact with anyone on the planet.

Unlimited Use Cases

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. The BanQu App can solve any use case. Its use is limited only to your imagination.

Fully Customizable

Supports any use case. You decide how you want to connect and transact either with one or many people.

Characteristics of BanQu's Blockchain Technology Platform

  • Immutable human-characteristics based (selfie) ID owned by the user who creates it.

  • Access to this identity without any need for physical documentation.

  • Portability; existing on a private permissioned blockchain enables the systematic buildup of transaction history for refugees and people experiencing extreme poverty, creating a reliable profile for a path out of hardship.

  • A universal ID that global Aid and NGO agencies can accept and legitimize the refugees, or populations they are serving, when delivering aid and services.