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"I can't do it,"

The banker said to our cofounder, ashish gadnis.

The banker said to our cofounder, ashish gadnis.

"Why not?" They'd come all this way through the oppressive Congo heat into the blast of the bank's air conditioning, just to set up an account.

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A local farmer stood next to him. She provided for her family by working her small plot of land, growing essential global resources out of the ground. She lived with abuse, inequality and unsanitary conditions because she was a women in poverty. But even in the face of many tragedies, she had hope.

For years, she'd sold her goods into big brands' supply chains. but now, standing in front of the banker, she had nothing to show for her hard work. He wouldn't accept her paper receipts from the broker as proof. No one up the supply chain knew her.

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"I don't know what to tell you," the banker shrugged. "I can't bank her." He looked Ashish up and down for a moment though, and added,

"I'll bank you."

It hit Ashish. To the bank, he existed and she didn't. He walked away, back into the glaring sun without the account —

But with an idea that would help bank billions

BanQu [bank-you] begins

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Ashish saw missed connections in every supply chain

If an originator like the Congo farmer, or a recycler on the streets of Lusaka was bankable, they'd be able to move out of extreme poverty. With credentials or a credit history — like BanQu's digital ledger — they'd become an equal part of their supply chain. They'd become visible in the global economy. They'd be seen.

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Our message to global brands is simple:

You are buying raw materials and finished goods from billions of people who live in extreme poverty.

It's time to get serious about responsible sourcing.

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Eliminating poverty. Period.

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BanQu has launched in more than 40 countries

And has made over 300,000 connections within global supply chains for FMCGS people every day.

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And our goals are even bigger.

We plan to help global brands massively cut costs, bring order and transparency to their supply chains, and elevate millions of people out of extreme poverty at the same time.

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Become a beloved brand

Our efforts touch every facet of your sustainability goals — from loss prevention and waste reduction to labor rights, recycling, climate impact and much more.

Start a conversation with BanQu and transform your supply chain today.

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