What is a Supply Chain?

Supply chain: a system of organizations, people, activities, information and resources involved in moving a physical or digital product or service between suppliers and consumers. BanQu’s blockchain technology transforms supply chain management through efficiency and transparency.

What is Blockchain Really?

Blockchain is not a cryptocurrency – it can power cryptocurrency. It also powers companies through supply chain management, records management and compliance activities. Blockchain technology is a digital ledger that ensures everyone who participates in a transaction gets a fixed, reliable, transparent and secure copy of that transaction.

What Does it Mean to Be Unbanked?

Unbanked: individuals who lack credit history (refugees, the displaced and homeless, and the world’s poorest) and are excluded from the global economy. BanQu’s supply chain management blockchain platform works to turn cyclical poverty into a circular economy.

Blockchain for Records Management

BanQu creates a 360-degree economic profile through training, employment history and referral or loyalty systems using a cutting edge blockchain solution. We enable individuals and businesses to grow their brands, keep their workforce happy and generate more income.

Blockchain for the Public Sector

BanQu helps public sector organizations better connect with the people they serve and treat everyone with fairness and dignity. Our cutting edge blockchain platform works to streamline systems, data, knowledge and resources so you can work better.

Blockchain for Supply Chain Management

Accurate sourcing, tracking and compliance are some potential roadblocks in the supply chain journey. Brands solve these and many other problems with unprecedented traceability and transparency using BanQu—a cutting edge blockchain solution.

How does BanQu Work in the Real World?

A brief video on how BanQu works in the real-world.

What is BanQu's Mission and Vision?

A brief video on BanQu's mission and vision.

Technical Tips

As a best practice, we recommend using up-to-date versions of either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari in order to access and operate within the BanQu platform.

Due to the BanQu platform's browser-based nature, it is often helpful to make sure that the page is continuously refreshed.


Simply remove the phone number from your BanQu profile. Note that by doing this you will only receive notifications via email and the only way to view your transaction history or accept connection and permission sharing requests will be via BanQu’s web-based platform.


An organization is a collection of individuals, or associates. Associates can act on behalf of an organization, creating assets and conducting transactions with individuals. When individuals operate as associates of an organization their activities, like connection requests and transactions, appear to the public as coming from the organization.

An associate is a member of an organization with an individual BanQu profile. When an associate is selected by an organization, they are able to sign in to their individual BanQu accounts and access that organization.

An owner of an organization can add associates, access and edit the organization profile, and delete admins and members. Once you make an associate an owner, the only way to regain ownership is for that associate to sign into their account and select you as the owner.

An admin inherits the same responsibilities as an owner, except an admin cannot delete an owner.


Connections give you the ability to transact with organizations or individuals. Depending on a user’s public profile settings you may also be able to view their email, phone number, and transaction history.


A transaction is the exchange of an asset between two individuals, two organizations, or an individual and an organization.


Anything. Track digital certificates, receipts and more — and follow raw materials and finished goods on their journeys.

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