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August 5, 2021

Human rights are at the core of Blockchain benefits

A supply chain that recognizes every entity -- and pays accordingly -- gives a boost to the rights of humans all over the world

We talk a lot here at BanQu about the good work that Blockchain can do, and we’ve seen some amazing returns for our participation in such humanitarian endeavors. Creating a truly circular economy — where every entity is included and counted — drives us and fuels our passion.

And we’re always looking for ways that Blockchain can help. Just this week, a report by Human Rights Watch called out massive human rights abuses in the aluminum supply chain, issues that Blockchain could fix by identifying all entities in the chain and closing the loop with a robust recycling program. We’ve helped organizations like Coca-Cola to do similar work in Africa, and work with other companies on like-minded initiatives.

A more accurate supply chain is good for everyone

Big companies that already see great profits from the supply chain might not understand how the technology can not only identify sources and entities that have been historically overlooked, but can make an improvement in their own bottom lines. Using Blockchain to promote the cause of human rights is not altruistic. It’s just plain good business. And supporting human rights reflects positively on companies, particularly those claims that can be backed up by provable action — which Blockchain does.

Projects like our work with Coca-Cola, which is bringing equality to the least advantaged and most overlooked elements of the supply chain, like garbage pickers. But Blockchain also has incredible advantages for the higher profile businesses within the chain. With more accuracy, automated payments and receipts and more, Blockchain is used across industries to save all participants time and money.


At the end of the day, there are humans behind every entity on the supply chain who need to be seen, to be acknowledged and to be paid for their labor, while others require assurances that their product or service is being properly accounted for. If we use Blockchain and other technologies to further their cause, it will surely help everyone along the chain to blossom and flourish.

BanQu creates blockchain solutions for some of the modern world's biggest challenges, such as supply chain transparency and identity platforms for impoverished populations. We believe that with blockchain's bright future, world poverty can become a thing of the past.

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