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Supply chain transparency

Supply chain transparency

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Change the way you manage your supply chain, from end to end.

Change the way you manage your supply chain, from end to end.

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Widen your world view

Whether you're sourcing in Ghana and selling in NYC, or sourcing in Malaysia and distributing in Barcelona — you need a sharp eye watching your supply chain at all times.
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Buy and sell

Farmers can sell their crops and receive immediate proof of the sale. They can also buy inputs from brands, like seeds or fertilizers, to ensure continual sourcing.

Suppliers can confirm quantities, packaging, assembly and shipment of any item.

Brands can create asset categories that include the type, description, unit of measure and more.


Records management

Approve transaction data, send specific requests, control batch quantities and reconcile inventory with a built-in geolocation tag and timestamp on all transactions. Plus, review payments, forms, locations, truck information and completed transactions.

Risk mitigation

BanQu's groundbreaking platform allows you to build honest and trustworthy relationships with global governments, avoid costly lawsuits related to compliance, and gain customer loyalty by preventing labor abuse in your entire supply chain.


Loss prevention

No matter what happens to your raw materials or finished goods in transit — you'll know. Stay on top of theft and spoilage to cut down on losses. And handle recalls with precision and clarity by knowing exactly which assets are damaged, to save on excess waste.

Physical assets

Do procurement analysis, include inventory in transit, and employ true track and trace methods.

Virtual assets

Follow digital trails like certifications and wages — we support supply chains of all kinds.