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Prosperity from poverty

We've never met a brand we didn't love. That's because the brands that meet with us want to make the world better. The global economy is slowly spreading its arms to include even the smallest corners of the world it previously ignored. Make your business a part of the change.

Dignity Through Identity TM

Global brands source raw materials and finished goods everyday from hundreds of millions living in extreme poverty. Coffee, cacao, cobalt, jeans and shoes are made by people who lack a transaction identity — a history of their work in a global supply chain. BanQu's mission is to end extreme poverty entirely by giving originators a record of their work history.

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Social responsibility

Your brand can not only ensure that each and every asset is obtained in a fair and ethical manner and climate impact is dramatically improved, but also that each person in your supply chain is given an economic passport out of poverty

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In the 2020s, every brand that wants long-term success knows profits are directly tied to sustainability. Customers are curious where their products came from, and where they're going after return or recycle. With BanQu, you can show them.

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Customer loyalty

With transparency at this level, your customers will always be back for more. Creating loyalty through BanQu means better word of mouth, an upgraded social presence, and impactful increases to sales that help you meet your goals

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Track and trace products from their origin, no matter how far back they go. And source for cents on the dollar when you include waste pickers and recyclers in your supply chain. With so much data, you'll build fruitful relationships every step of the way.

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