A farmer with a flock of sheep at sunset

Reap your ROI

A well-fed bottom line happens when the first and last miles are clearly linked.

Reap your ROI

A farmer with a flock of sheep at sunset

Cost savings

  • Lift category sales by up to 25%
  • Prevent up to 15% in supply chain losses and costs
  • Increase speed to production
  • Track and save on recycled goods
  • Improve your operating cash flow margins
  • Map to 6 United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) KPIs
A farmer planting rice

Better forecasting

Supply chain transparency gives you real-time warnings when something's gone wrong, and better data to plan for things to go right. Use this newfound information to create the future you want — from the best fields to farm to the right trucks to use for shipping.

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New markets

They're out there, waiting for you. Take advantage of this opportunity to chart new territories and discover fresh groups of people who need what you're selling. Circular economies create new markets out of nothing, and you'll already be on the ground.

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Tax benefits

Lower prices or raise wages by proving you're sourcing locally within many emerging economies. BanQu can help your business receive major excise duty tax benefits with exceptionally clear tracking and tracing.

Help the margins profit

Best of all, BanQu helps your business feed three birds with one hand. Your profits, customer loyalty and social responsibility all soar when you use our platform.

How does BanQu help meet your sustainability goals?

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