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Nuestra Siembra + BanQu - supporting farmers using blockchain | April 6, 2022

Nuestra Siembra supports farmers and engages customers with BanQu

Ecuador, April 5th – Nuestra Siembra, Ecuador’s leading beer brand using only local ingredients, has long been recognized for its dedication to sustainability, transparency, and equitability.

Best known for its tagline of “building a new Ecuador” and its groundbreaking ad campaign in the native Quechua language, Nuestra Siembra is taking supply chain visibility to the next level with an interactive QR experience to show customers exactly where their beer originated.

Using cutting-edge blockchain technology, BanQu helps global brands implement fully traceable, transparent, and auditable supply chains in more than 50 countries. With the BanQu platform, farmers, recyclers, and laborers have equal access to a digital and verifiable record of their transactions within a global value chain. In turn, these records help build an economic identity that makes these individuals eligible for bank accounts and lower interest rates. BanQu’s partnership thus enables Ecuador’s smallholder farmers to secure a better future for their families.


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