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Engineering News | June 09, 2021

Coca-Cola, BanQu launch payment platform for informal waste reclaimers, boosting bankability

Coca-Cola, BanQu launch payment platform for informal waste reclaimers

BanQu Inc + The Coca-Cola Company delivering results

BanQu Inc. + The Coca-Cola Company delivering results. “Since the launch in mid-February, the system has already registered over 300 waste pickers and recorded over 4,900 transactions, totaling over 200,000 kg of recyclables.” #genderequality #blockchainsupplychain #profitwithpurpose #sdgs2030 #sustainability We at BanQu Inc. are deeply rooted in a simple fact that millions of the poorest work tirelessly in our landfills, recycling centers and our streets and they deserve a better future. We are thrilled to launch this with The Coca-Cola Company and looking forward to scaling it massively!!


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