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Fast Company | April 8, 2019

BanQu Recognized as One of Fast Company’s 2019 World Changing Ideas

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When Zambian Breweries, a subsidiary of AB InBev, wanted to increase transparency in their cassava supply chain, they turned to BanQu. Using BanQu’s blockchain technology, Zambian Breweries can now create a digital paper trail from the farm to the end user, which allows them to purchase sustainably grown crops and provides faster payments for farmers.

Purchasing 1,400 metric tons of cassava from more than 2,000 farmers is a complicated process. No one knows this better than AB InBev subsidiary Zambian Breweries, which pulled off this feat in June of 2018. BanQu’s blockchain ledger technology made it a simpler task, creating transparency in the supply chain and hastening payments to cassava farmers.

They didn’t stop there, however. As Fast Company reports:

In late 2018, AB InBev invited BanQu to join its 100+ Accelerator and scale its idea elsewhere. In April 2019, the company will start a new program with 1,000 barley farmers in India. It’s already active in Uganda, where it expects to reach 7,000 barley farmers by the end of the year. Zambian Breweries will add 2,500 additional cassava farmers in Zambia in 2019–meaning 4,500 in total are using the BanQu platform in Zambia.

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