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Daily Monitor | July 09, 2019

BanQu Is Making a Brighter Future for Farmers

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BanQu’s partnership with brewing company AB InBev is leading to a more transparent supply chain, improving the entire chain from farm to end user.

Blockchain-based technology is speeding up the process by which farmers get paid for their crops and services. Beverage manufacturer AB InBev’s partnership with BanQu is benefiting farmers while creating more transparency in the farming industry.

This is what Coetzee Theunis, Agricultural Services Manager for AB InBev in East Africa, had to say about their collaboration with BanQu:

Through this collaboration, we are providing farmers with access to digital payments and technology to further their economic opportunity to achieve our agriculture sustainability goal to have 100 per cent of our direct farmers skilled, connected and financially empowered by 2025…

Read the full article to learn more about BanQu’s partnership with AB InBev.

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