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IDB Group | June 15, 2019

BanQu is Helping to Solve Costa Rica’s Employment Problem

Students in a classroom

Using BanQu’s blockchain technology, IDB Group is helping Costa Rican workers create employment and education records, which will help potential employers verify their skillsets and work history.

In Costa Rica, there is a need for creating permanent employment and education records that allow potential employees to verify their skills and experience. Enter IDB Group, which is using BanQu’s blockchain technology to empower the workforce in disadvantaged communities in Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica, IDB Lab – the IDB Group’s innovation laboratory – is now taking advantage of blockchain… to ensure that young people find the best possible work for their skills and experience. The new platform, developed with the BanQu blockchain services company, allows each participant to create a digital “economic identity” that stores school and work records securely and permanently.

Learn more about this program by reading the full article.

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