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SANAD Technical Assistance Facility | July 03, 2018

BanQu Brings Hope to Syrian Refugees in Jordan

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Detailed financial and employment records are vital to the resettlement of refugees. A program in Jordan is using BanQu’s blockchain technology to help Syrian refugees gain access to digital records of their economic and employment histories.

A project in Jordan is helping Syrian refugees maintain access to credit records, identity data and work documents that are vital to their resettlement. This project is a partnership between the SANAD Technical Assistance Facility, Making Cents International and Microfund for Women (MFW). Ensuring the accessibility of this much data is no small task, but BanQu’s blockchain technology is the platform that makes it work.

From the press release:

The pilot will utilize the blockchain-based digital identity platform developed by BanQu, a U.S.-based technology company. The platform enables refugees to create a personal and portable “digital locker,” which they control and can use to store and communicate verified financial, business, and educational data to financial institutions or employers.

Download the full press release to learn more about how BanQu’s technology is easing the burden of resettlement for Syrian Refugees in Jordan.

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