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Raconteur | March 12, 2019

BanQu and Blockchain Are Helping Farmers Get Paid

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With so many stops along the supply chain, it can become difficult to trace the origins of any one plant. Zambian Brewing is using BanQu’s blockchain technology to create vital ledgers that are secure and immutable, legitimatizing farmers and making sure they get the pay they’ve earned.

Without accessible transaction records, cassava farmers in Zambia can’t be sure they’re getting paid the full value for their crops, and they also struggle to get their financial histories recognized by banks. Without a lengthy paper trail, farmers don’t always know if they’re getting paid for the crops they supply, and manufacturers can’t be sure that they’re sourcing from farmers that are growing crops sustainably.

AB InBev subsidiary Zambian Brewing is solving this problem using BanQu’s blockchain platform.

As Raconteur reports:

To tackle the problem, AB InBev linked up with technology company BanQu to launch a simple mobile app based around blockchain, which offers farmers a secure, immutable platform that records their transactions.

Importantly, explains BanQu co-founder Ashish Gadnis, the system creates an economic identity and transaction history, making it easier for farmers to deal with banks and other financial institutions. “When the farmer says ‘I exist in the AB InBev supply chain’, they become bankable,” he says.

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