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Forbes | April 16, 2019

BanQu and AB InBev Are Revolutionizing Africa’s Cassava Industry

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AB InBev subsidiary Zambian Breweries is using BanQu’s technology to create transaction records that help breweries and cassava farmers streamline their businesses.

Zambian Breweries, a subsidiary of AB InBev, developed a beer that uses cassava instead of barley. Since cassava farming in Africa is mostly done by small farms rather than big companies, record keeping for cassava transactions can be somewhat disorganized. However, BanQu’s blockchain technology creates digital transaction records that streamline the process. Cassava buyers can now keep their transactions organized while farmers receive payment much faster.

Forbes reports:

Through BanQu’s platform, Zambian Breweries is able to track the cassava that comes from specific farmers throughout its supply chain, and those farmers in turn have access to near immediate digital payments upon delivery of their product.

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