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JTI & Winrock International | July 26, 2019

BanQu Aids ARISE in the Effort to End Child Labor

An African home

The ARISE program is committed to ending child labor, and BanQu’s technology is an essential tool in that process.

Tobacco-growing communities have long resorted to using child labor, and Winrock International and JTI’s ARISE program is working to change this. By placing children in educational programs that keep them out of the fields, ARISE is offering them a much brighter future. BanQu’s blockchain technology allows ARISE to keep tobacco farms accountable.

Luisa Helena Schwantz de Siqueira of Winrock International said:

BanQu has presented us a great digital tool to monitor the ARISE program initiatives. This tool will be very useful to measure the program’s performance indicators both quantitative and qualitative.

Watch the full video below:

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