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What is a Supply Chain? What is Blockchain Really? Banked vs Unbanked


What is a Supply Chain?

What is Blockchain Really?

Banked vs Unbanked

In The Media

Forbes article on how BanQu blockchain helps in Connecting Refugees With The Global Economy
TechCrunch article on the city of Austin, piloting a new blockchain platform for economic identity for homeless
Wall Street Journal article on how BanQu Blockchain application can help homeless people
Midici Article - How the First-Ever Blockchain Platform Aims to Connect the World's Poor to the Global Economy


In a featured video in Sustania, BanQu CEO Ashish Gadnis explains how blockchain can fight inequality
Milken Institute discussion on possibilities of a non-crypto currency blockchain technology
Link to Singularity University YouTube video where BanQu CEO Ashish Gadnis talks on Banking the Unbanked
SCN Corporate Connect interviews CEO Ashish Gadnis of BanQu on Utilizing Blockchain to Help the Poor

Select Editorials

case study of BanQu's efforts to revolutionize Supply Chain Transparency in Zambia.
BanQu Case Study

BanQu Launches Trailblazing Partnership with Anheuser-Busch InBev to Revolutionize Supply Chain Transparency in Zambia. The partnership is focused on creating transparency and traceability in the cassava crop value chain by providing economic empowerment to 2,000 of the region’s small-scale farmers.

an Indian lady paying by cash at a small merchant shop
The Distributed Economy: Four Ways Blockchain Can Transform MSMEs in Emerging Markets

Together, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are the largest employers in many developing countries, yet their viability suffers from limited access to savings, insurance, credit equity and payments services.

Article by Hamse Warfe, how his life as a refugee in Kenya led him to co-found a blockchain company called BanQu
When I Existed in the World as a Number

For years, I existed to the world as a number on a piece of paper. A block of ink coded into a computer. A statistic that regulated the dispersal of rations and care I received. This was my only verifiable identity while I was a refugee in Kenya.