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Implementation couldn't be easier

Our platform can be localized and customized for your brand in weeks. We personally ensure that everyone — from an originator to the CEO — can access and understand their place in the circular economy.

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Get up and running on our platform in 2-4 weeks, anywhere in the world.


Plan to grow and keep growing with BanQu at your side


Platform-wide and notification-wide translation into any existing language


Direct sharing, QR-code enabled, and mass collaboration on transations


We take 24/7 customer support seriously


All transactions are delivered via SMS; intuitive, with no smartphone required

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Building on top of a centralized system is slowly becoming a thing of the past, while BanQu looks to the future. Switch from competition to cooperation with blockchain working as a consensus mechanism for your supply chain.

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BanQu lets our users own, access, monetize and permission their own data. No single administrator can control your information, so you operate with complete privacy. Plus, we have role-based security and "the right to be forgotten" built right in.

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Fit and connected

Bring any technology stack or IOT device easily onto the platform with an open API connection. Manage ERP, POS, mobile money, mobile banking or traditional banking with a secure ledger that exists in the cloud and exceeds traditional IT systems and other platforms.

Competitive annual subscription

How else does BanQu help cut costs?

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