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Getting Started with BanQu

Get complete transparency as you track and trace goods and services from every mile and see an immediate increase in productivity. With BanQu's flexible platform, small organizations can manage end-to-end, while large companies can start on one use case at a time as they scale up. Our one- to two-week roll-outs are easily some of the fastest deployments ever.

Platform Benefits

  • Full visibility, for a 360° view of your supply chain. Track and trace sourcing, distribution, or a unified supply chain in real time
  • Pre-built reports and preconfigured roles, with dashboards and metrics working from a single source of truth, and real-time supply chain performance transparency
  • Flexible platform to seamlessly integrate with third party applications through our Rest API and complete configuration to your requirements
  • Rapid ROI and speed-to-value with one- to two-week deployment and training. SaaS-based product on a cloud-based platform eliminates costly IT infrastructure and support, and updates instantly
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Start by focusing

Use in a single country, language, and currency for up to 2 admin users and 20 operational users. Build up to 5 tiers of value chain architecture.

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Make it your own

A fully preconfigured process for your business, including up to 4 forms, and up to 5 data visualizations – 3 transactional and 2 ESG.

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Trusted Transactions

Functionality, roles, reports, and metrics developed from real-world use cases with multinational brands. Transfer, buy, sell and QA crops, materials, funds and more.

Let our learnings grow your business

BanQu technology is making its way across the globe, implemented by industries and businesses of all sizes. As our customers grow, we evolve seamlessly alongside them, preparing our pre-configured solutions for businesses like yours. Transform your unique model to ensure success through our robust engagement lifecycle and proven methodology.
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Our friendly team will book an hour with you to walk through an example of the platform, targeting your specific use case.

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